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I've been cooking since I was in second grade, a result of being a picky eater. My mom taught me how to cook an omelet made with exactly what I liked,just to get me to eat. I am not so big on measurements or recipes but my family who loves me sooooh much tells me I'm a good cook!

I am also a self proclaimed foodie. I'm one of those who make "sighs of pleasure" and people say I clap after eating something good. I don't really agree but they have proof!

In my What's Cooking Series I'll be sharing a few recipes I've experimented with and a few good eats I've discovered over the years. You can also add your own by sending me your name or alias and URL (very important so I can link your site) via the comment post below.

Happy munchin'!

  1. What's Cooking: McCormick Adobong Pula
  2. What's Cooking: Like We've Never Scrambled Before  
  3. What's Cooking: Salmon Belly and Dill Canapes
  4. Angry Bird Birthday Cake
  5. What's Cooking: Creamy Braised Beef Pastel
  6. What's Cooking: Hainanese Chicken
  7. 3 Hainanese Chicken Sauces
  8. What's Cooking: Hawaiian Pork Loin Morcon
  9. What's Cooking: Sun Dried Tomato Pesto & Pastrami Pasta
  10. What's Cooking: Cheesy Chicken Roulade
  11. What's Cooking: Yummy Red Wine Adobong Tadyang
  12. What's Cooking: Easy Shrimp and Sausage Something
  13. What's Cooking: Chickie-Veggie Yakisoba 
  14. What's Cooking: Sort of California Maki
  15. What's Cooking: Nori Hugs Tamago 
  16. What's Cooking: Scary but Easy Recipe # 2 
  17. What's Cooking: Scary but Easy Recipe # 1
  18. What's Cooking: Quick Tuna Pasta with Blue Cheese
  19. What's Cooking: Scrambled Eggs with Kangkong (Water Spinach)


  1. Advance Happy Birthday po! Anu pong handa? :) Salamat po sa mga masasarap na luto. Boss Mark,magdadala na ko ng dish washing soap. Hahahaha

  2. I like to experiment with cooking so this one I'd surely check on from time to time to get cooking ideas. :-)

  3. @Mom Michelle - I'm glad to have you visit! Enjoy your time in the kitchen;-)


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