The Bashful Mimosa Encounter

It's amazing to be a kid, everything is new and there's always something to discover. To a child even the most mundane things can be a source of wonder. 

During an out of town trip, this little girl discovered the Bashful Mimosa or Makahiya plant. She was in awe of how the plant "closed" at the touch of her finger and ended up hunting "open" ones for a significant part of her afternoon. She was surprised how her simple action can affect change in the plant. I told her that the plant is very shy and sensitive to touch, like the Makahiya other plants also have feelings and we should take care not to hurt them. 

Later on she said, "Look Mommy, it's just like a game in my iPod." . . . hmmmm digital kids!

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  1. Just like her iPod! That's funny!!

    1. I know, right ;-) Well, it's actually MY iPod which she claims as HERS. What's next? my shoes?

  2. From phone game addiction to games on an IPOD - my concern for the former has just been mixed with amusement. We are raising a generation of tech savvy kids.

  3. Bihira na ako makakita ng makahiya. Dun sa labas ng dati naming bahay maraming nakakalat na makahiya at talagang lahat hinahawakan namin. hehehe! kakatuwa kasi!

  4. Interesting! I never knew what is the english name of makahiya :-D Mimosa in spanish is someone who is affectionate or someone who loves to be pampered and taken care of... in short malambing in our language!

    That was funny how your daughter linked up makahiya to ipad games haha... kids nowadays are really techy.

    Spanish Pinay

  5. Always been fascinated by makahiya. Ang konti na nga lang ngayon niyan o baka hindi ko na masyado napapansin. Nice photos! :)

  6. hahaha... digital age indeed! :D thanks for linking up with us.

  7. She is so cute, so curious!

    Thank you for joining last week's Color Connection. Come and join again this week. The linky is up now.

  8. How cute! My daughter calls it nahihiya. I hope makahiya will never go extinct.


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