Recycled Art Kit with Mini-Me Appliqué

Since classes in Philippines coincide with the rainiest and stormiest months of the year, hubby and I declare our own "no class days" when the rains are especially bad. We feel that its better for our preschooler to stay at home than risk her getting sick while battling the elements. 

To keep ourselves entertained while learning at the same time, we usually do a bit of homeschooling. As much as possible, I try to teach her the same things she is currently doing in school or we do some of our little  preschool art projects. Last week, Sofie was asked to bring a box to school for their art kit. Since the weather was pretty bad and she had a cold, we opted to stay home and made our own, with the little diva's personal touch, of course.


1 empty shoe box
1 manila paper/wrapping paper of choice
1 pink art paper
1 pink scrap booking paper
black felt 
green felt 
scrap booking decor
colored pens
puppet eyes


1. Since this project is done with a preschooler, it's much easier to pre-cut some of the decors. Black felt was used to cut some hair, a circle made out of pink art paper (about 2" diameter), a dress cut out of  scrap booking paper (my kids style choice), green felt was used for the grass. I had a bit fun with the shoes and made some mary janes (Sofie's favorite pair at the moment).

2. Since we are putting a mini-me appliqué, we opted for a plain back ground that we can spruce up later.

3. We glued the decorations on the box, starting with the mini-me's head, followed by the dress and shoes. When I asked Sofie to draw the other parts of her body, I was thinking, neck, arms and legs. I should have been more clear, because  here's what I got:

Human anatomy for 100?! Anyone?
4. When it came to decorating, we sort of got carried away. Sofie stopped only after there was not much space to put her stickers and she was able to draw her pink lunch box. Overall not bad for a day's work. *wink*wink!

What I like about this preschool art project, is that it can really bring out the child's creativity  while practicing her fine motor skills. Learning about how my daughter saw herself is also pretty exciting, plus it tells me that I have to prepare myself for a few interesting anatomy questions. 


  1. Galing naman! So pretty! I love the outcome!

  2. Such a crafty younbg lady, come join us because we love doing crafts too hehehe.. Join us Mommy in color Connection if you have time, it is every Friday. You can post any color that you like.

    1. Just dropped by in Color connection, thanks for the invite;-)

  3. Ang galing naman nyo and very creative. And to think na you and hubby planned this instead of just watching tv during rainy days:)

  4. Actually sis, masarap talaga mag tv lao na pag bed-weather, but sofie gets kookoo when she watches too much tv, kaya eto mommy and daddy have to keep up hihi

  5. this is a good idea- my daughter is on summer break now so i think this is a good activity to keep her occupied productively.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend
    Here's my entry and hope you check it out too.

  6. Something learned, time well spent on a rainy day, allowed creativity to flow, parent child interaction, and a lovely box that will store treasures for years to come. This project was a win win all the way around.

    Tell Sofia she did a great job -- from me.

  7. ahahhahahah!!! Love her interpretation of her body parts!!! So cute!!

  8. wow! "homeschool" mom ka din pala!! :D way to go!

  9. Nice artwork and great bonding moment with your daughter, too! Visiting late from Mommy Moments!


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