Friday, June 29, 2012

Recycled Art Kit with Mini-Me Appliqué

Since classes in Philippines coincide with the rainiest and stormiest months of the year, hubby and I declare our own "no class days" when the rains are especially bad. We feel that its better for our preschooler to stay at home than risk her getting sick while battling the elements. 

To keep ourselves entertained while learning at the same time, we usually do a bit of homeschooling. As much as possible, I try to teach her the same things she is currently doing in school or we do some of our little  preschool art projects. Last week, Sofie was asked to bring a box to school for their art kit. Since the weather was pretty bad and she had a cold, we opted to stay home and made our own, with the little diva's personal touch, of course.


1 empty shoe box
1 manila paper/wrapping paper of choice
1 pink art paper
1 pink scrap booking paper
black felt 
green felt 
scrap booking decor
colored pens
puppet eyes


1. Since this project is done with a preschooler, it's much easier to pre-cut some of the decors. Black felt was used to cut some hair, a circle made out of pink art paper (about 2" diameter), a dress cut out of  scrap booking paper (my kids style choice), green felt was used for the grass. I had a bit fun with the shoes and made some mary janes (Sofie's favorite pair at the moment).

2. Since we are putting a mini-me appliqué, we opted for a plain back ground that we can spruce up later.

3. We glued the decorations on the box, starting with the mini-me's head, followed by the dress and shoes. When I asked Sofie to draw the other parts of her body, I was thinking, neck, arms and legs. I should have been more clear, because  here's what I got:

Human anatomy for 100?! Anyone?
4. When it came to decorating, we sort of got carried away. Sofie stopped only after there was not much space to put her stickers and she was able to draw her pink lunch box. Overall not bad for a day's work. *wink*wink!

What I like about this preschool art project, is that it can really bring out the child's creativity  while practicing her fine motor skills. Learning about how my daughter saw herself is also pretty exciting, plus it tells me that I have to prepare myself for a few interesting anatomy questions. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is How I BonChon

This is How I Bonchon

6 pieces Bonchon Spicy Wings 
1 Bulgogi Rice 
1(4 piece) Wings combo 
1 Koyo mini Korean yogurt 

 I can not be held liable for what I do after this!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

YesMOM: Saying Yes to my Little Girl

How often have we heard our parents say "NO"? All the while they are saying:

"No, you can't go outside"
"No, you can't come with me"
"No, you can't play with scissors"
"No, you can't make a mess" 
"No no no no no!"

And all the while I'm thinking:

"What's the point of all of the toys I can't play with? What's the point of all the art materials? What are kiddie scissors for? And by gawd! What is the point of my beautiful new shoes?!"

I'm not saying that my folks were wrong in raising me, I turned out okay after all. All I'm saying is that hearing "NO" all the time can get really old and most of the time, with kids these days it really doesn't work. I've learned this from experience as well as from parenting books that kids are unique, inquisitive, creative and intelligent human beings. Children are PEOPLE, not mini-walking-talking-things that you can just order around. Saying "no" all the time prevents them from blossoming into the great people that they are. Sometimes, it's even easier to parent this way than having constant battles and cry-fests. Who needs all of that, really. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not after raising a spoiled brat. There are certain values that hubby and I are strict about and can not compromise. However, for the little things, I just think that there are ways in working around the word "No". Explaining why certain things can not be done and letting the child know the consequences of such behavior often gets more results. I find that this approach is more effective than flat out saying "NO". It works for my four year old as well as most adults I know. For example when my child is running crazy in the mall or any public place, I say "I know you're excited to play in the mall but can we walk properly to the play area so we will not have an accident?". Sometimes when she needs a playmate real bad and I need to blog real bad I say, "I really want to play with you, can you give me 15 minutes?" or I invite her to join me at the desk where she can color or "work" on her own laptop. 

It's not always easy and I'm no baby whisperer, however as hubby and I build our confidence as first-time parents, we are learning to say "YES" more and more. This is granting, of course that she is in a safe environment and would not get hurt enough to need medical attention. A few scrapes and bruises is a right of passage, I think. The playing with dirt thing, is still something I can't work my mind around, though. If she wants to run in the park, cut news papers into bits and pieces or scatter all her toys and build forts and castles and ride a unicorn with my just washed pillow cases, I say "YES! Sure, anak, knock yourself out!" 

I still watch her like a hawk and go into my turbo-worry mode, but from a safe distance. I carry a band-aid for potential boo-boos. A change of clothes. Sanitizer. Still, any mess she makes she can clean up and pack-away. The lessons she will learn as she explores the world and the things that she will realize she can do are priceless.  

And besides, my YesMOM moments are not just fun for her, they are also great fun for me. 

mommy moments

Sunday, June 17, 2012

To My Husband: Happy Father's Day

Remember in college, when we went to visit an orphanage in Pasil? You didn't know it then but I was looking at you and how the kids seemed to gravitate towards you. Some kids were sickly, snot nosed and dirty but you didn't mind. You played with them like you were a kid too, in such a short time you made them feel loved. That was when I knew you would make a great dad. Now that we have our own and one on the way, I'd like to thank you for being the best dad there is. 

For being "Daddy the Teacher", "Daddy the Kite", "Daddy the Payer", "Daddy the Officer", "Daddy the Watcher", "Daddy the Doctor", for all this and more, thank you! One day is never enough to celebrate YOU, we love you Daddy!

**Check out our Easy to Make Father's Day Trophy ;-)

Daddy's Trophy Pen Holder: Easy Father's Day Gift

Sofie and I are so into arts and crafts these days that we decide to do something for her dad. Our options were making a card, a medal or a drawing. My daughter thought up a brilliant idea and said we should make a trophy/pen holder Daddy can use for his office. Now if only we had the materials. . . . After a little rummaging through our art kit (and the kitchen), here's what we came up with:

  • 1 big plastic tumbler
  • manila paper
  • felt cloth (you can also use paper)
  • gold glitters
  • Elmer's Glue
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners (we used purple and yellow, it would be nice if we had gold)
  • other decorations (we used rubber stars and ribbons)


  • Cut out the letters D-A-D-D-Y out of the felt cloth. This is a good practice for you preschooler's fine  motor skills. I had her practice with some newsprint papers, of course she had other ideas. 
  • Wrap the the plastic tumbler with manila paper. We used hot glue to secure the paper. Take caution with your preschooler and make this a "mommy's turn" task. 
  • Use a small piece of ribbon and glue it around the top of the tumbler. You can also use some decorative paper or whatever materials you have. One reason why I love this project, is that you can decorate it pretty much whatever way you and your kid want. 
  • Cover the tumbler with some glue and sprinkle some glitters until every inch of the manila paper is covered. Explain to your kid how glitters can be dangerous as it can be inhaled or go into their eyes. Of course, after I sad this Sofie blew the glitters all over the place!
  • Using some glue (hot glue is more secure), stick the word DADDY on the trophy, along with other decorations.For the handle (or "ears" as my kid called it)  we twisted some pipe cleaners together and used the hot glue to secure it to the sides. I found the cool rubber stars with adhesive tape, pipe cleaners and felt cloth in Office Warehouse.
Let you kid enjoy craft making and express themselves. Remember mommies, there is no right or wrong so let them explore. Just make sure they are doing it safely. Happy Father's day crafting!

Now, if only I could teach her how to pose for pictures!!!!


Thursday, June 14, 2012


"Socks are X only tights are checked Mommy"


Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh My Gawd! You Said What To the Pretty Lady?!

Over the last two years since Sofie began to REALLY TALK, she has always managed to make me laugh with her witty antics. In fact, the things that come out of her mouth can very well make it to Cosby's Kids Say the Darnest Things show. You know how cute those kids are and how you sometimes wish you were half as cute? Well, think of the darnest thing you've heard . . . then think really hard on how it would feel if you were that kid's mother!

I should have known our trip to Yummy Eats 2012 would not be complete without a "Sofie Type Misdemeanor".

I have always been very proud of my daughter, she is a smart, mild mannered, reasonable and well behaved child. Well, at least when she is not pulling people's skirts, touching them in a weird way and talking about their underwear.

After some epic grazing experience, we went to watch the Hunt's Mother-Child Cook Off. My friend spotted TV Host, Ms. Issa Litton beside the stage and we asked her if our kids can take a picture with her. She graciously accepted and she seemed genuinely nice to the girls. See the picture above? Notice anything? 

Sofie was apparently more interested in checking her out than having her photo taken. After the quick photo op, my daughter decided she's not done yet. She just sat there with her back to me, talking to the host and I couldn't really see what she was doing. I was making my way to her when I heard Issa Litton laughing . . . I thought "Oh, Sofie's being funny again" . . . then Issa said "I promise I won't let people get my panty". 

My brain was like "Oh My Gawd! You Said What To the Pretty Lady?!" 

I asked Sofie what happened afterwards. Actually, I asked her more than just a couple of times to get the story straight. Here's what she told me; "I was sitting beside the pretty girl and her pink dress and   I  help her pulled down her skirt, it was short and people  might get her panty and I said to the girl people  might get her panty." . . . Holy Mother!

This is what I get for teaching Sofie to sit properly and not let anybody see her undies, just like my mother taught me and my Lola taught her. Holy Mother! Whenever my daughter delivers one of her punch lines, I always feel a fine mixture of  giddiness, awe, pride, mortification with a hefty dash of WTF!

Issa was very understanding, she apparently found it funny and even commended my kid for having a good accent (thanks to Disney). 

To Ms. Issa Litton: If you ever get to read this post, I do sincerely apologize if you were offended. If not, well I hope, for a brief moment, you were very much entertained ;-)

mommy moments ;

Yummy Eats 2012: Another Yummy Adventure

Like a bear fresh from hibernation, I was searching for something yummy and my pregnant hormones led me to Yummy Eats 2012 in Rockwell last weekend. Yummy Eats is fast becoming a yearly epicurean adventure for me and my foodie friend, BisayainManila. We enjoyed last year's Yummy Eats so much, this year we brought our families in tow. 

Our two special guests are non other than our mini versions and foodies-in-training, Sofie and Zoe. They had an epic time sampling everything from the sweets to the savory treats, it was the ultimate grazing adventure.   Of course, it would not be complete without a little "Sofie Type Misdemeanor" targeting no less than the host of the event, Ms. Issa Litton.  I'll give you the mortifying details on another post.  Yup, it deserves it's own blog post. Gawd!

Now, on to the main event. 

The FOOD is of course, exceptional as always. Leave it to Yummy to gather all of my tummy's dreams in one roof. My top pick has to be Margie's Paella, the Paella Negra also had good flavor, you can taste the squid flavor without the fishiness, it was a bit too mushy for me, but the over all flavor was good. The Paella Valenciana had a generous helping of seafood and you can really taste the spices meld well with other flavors. I'd have to say that it comes second to my mom's paella and that is saying a LOT!

Another booth that piqued my curiosity is Wabi Sabi. They had vegetarian treats that even my carnivorous family tried. I liked their guiltless tofu chicharon and if you do not know that it's vegetarian it can come quite close to the real deal. Hubby's top pick is non other than the Lechon de Leche from Pepita's Kitchen, the meat was really succulent and the skin, thin and crunchy. Yum! 

I'm a meat person and nothing pleases me more than a chunk of beef like Dulcelin's US Angus Beef with Red Wine and Port Sauce. It is cooked in a water bath popularized by the French called a sous vide, the meat is sealed in air tight plastic bags and slow cooked for 2 days. The result is a melt in your mouth, full-flavored chunk of tender meat. Yum! Yum! I also tried some of Chuck's Grub Fish & Chips, it's served nuggets style with just the right crunch and the dips really go well with the fish.  

I tried to exercise a lot of control in the sweet lane, alas I am pregnant, weak and human. I had to physically pull myself away from  Little Louie's Cupcakes. Having a Jack Daniels Cupcake sit prettily next to a Bailey's Cupcake all smothered in velvety chocolate is JUST.NOT.FAIR. I have to stop myself from imagining while I write, lest I have one of those tear-filled pregnancy cravings. Again. 

I also sampled some divine treats from Jettee's Kitchen Divine Handmade Pastries. Hubby and I both liked the chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, it's sweet yet perfectly balanced with a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Another must try from Jettee's is their Red Velvet Cheesecake, it's simply perfect. 

A true Pinay, my top dessert pick is Kristina's Inutak Premium in all it's gooey-Pinoy-goodness. If you are a fan of  Kakanin and Sapin-Sapin, you will go crazy over this. They have different flavors, from Classic, Macapuno, Corn, Langka and even a low-cal Lite version. 

After all of the feasting, trying out Pinkerton's Guava and Basil Sorbet is just what I needed. It's light, a perfect balance of sweet and tart with a hint of basil. This sorbet cleanses the palate and refreshes at the same time. I liked it, but it could very well be an acquired taste since Hubby and Sofie gave me their "bleh" faces when I made them try. Or they could just be picky. Yeah, really picky.

Overall, it was an amazing foodie experience and except for the non-air condition part of the venue which was really HOT, we all had a blast.

What I love about Yummy events are all the freebies and just look at what I snagged from their raffle. I never really win anything, E-V-E-R! The last time I won something was when I was pregnant with Sofie . . . come to think of it it may be a good time to try out the lottery. What do you think?! 

*For details on the concessionaires mentioned above, please visit Yummy


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