DQ Christmas Cakes Giveaway

My daughter loves Dairy Queen, she utterly loves it and it has become one of her favorite stops after taking our frequent afternoon walks. You can just imagine our excitement when we got DQ Gift Certificates through  momcenter.com.ph, we get to try out their DQ Blizzard Cakes for Christmas and then some, yey!

The timing was perfect since we also had our yearly Christmas Party with our friends. What I really wanted to try out was the Blackforest Cake but it wasn't ready yet when hubby went to the store so he got the Chocolate Extreme cake instead. I super loved it, the chocolate ice cream combined with a crunchy almost cookie like center was perfect for my sweet tooth.  I was not able to take pictures while eating my DQ ice cream because well, let's just say I needed to concentrate. So here are the before and after photos.

Check out Dairy Queens Christmas Cakes Giveaway for Moms. It's the perfect ending to your Noche Buena Feast. As for me, I'm still eyeing that Black Forest cake.


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