When She Say's She Wants to Be a Princess . . .

A couple of weeks before Halloween, Sofie and I were browsing the fabric store as  I was looking for some fabric for a bedsheet. I wanted to try an "easy" project to christen my mini-sewing machine I gave my self for my birthday. Of course Sofie kept on asking what things were for and I told her we can use them to make stuff for the house like curtains and pillowcases and clothes.  That's when she told me that she wanted to be a princess, a pink one. In verbatim she said "Mommy, make me a princess, in your song machine, a pink one, please, please,please, please!" Well, when she put it like that, there's only one thing for a mother to do. 

I forgot about the bed sheet and we started going through different shades of pink cloth, tulle, ribbons and what not. I told myself that it's just like making Barbie clothes when I was little, except that now I have a whiny little Barbie-like girl who has an opinion about everything and is having a hard time choosing between different shades of pink. "Not that one, the darker one Mommy". Oh God! I can just imagine when she turns 13!

I'm happy to say that it was well, as close to a successful first try as I'll ever get. I told hubby that if he owned a sewing factory I won't  get hired unless I did him "special" favors. Haha!

When you're a Mom and you said you can do anything, your kid holds you to it!
The other one is for my grand niece Sam-Sam
Trick or Treat
Oh no! Princess Sam-Sam refuses to set foot on the ground ;-)

Remember what mommy said "Don't mix your candy, it makes you loopy!"


  1. haha :) sooo cute ate jho!! grabe you really made that dress?? ang galing ahh!! elib ako!! hehehe

    >> sofie really looks like a princess!! hihi thumbs up!! ate jho!!!

  2. I wish I had your talent :)...even just half of your talent! :)

    Every little girl I know dreams of becoming a princess... mine is no exception...


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