Thanks Momcenter!

I just got my MomCenter gift and I have to say I'm very happy with it. I got some Cycles products that I really used on Sofie. She's a bit bigger now and we don't use them anymore but back when she was an infant, she really had sensitive skin that I ended up using bath soap for her clothes. I was relieved to see some Cycles Laundry Detergent for babies, it's a product that is not so readily available a couple of years ago.. I was a bit skeptic about the product until I tried it and was very pleased with the results, she didn't get rashes from her clothes despite the weather. The powdery scent was amazing and more than that it was tough on stains like mashed broccoli and pumpkin, even if I used just a bit;-)

I also got some Cradle Bottle Cleaner, but Sofie doesn't use the bottle anymore so I didn't get to try them. Fortunately for my friend, she came the day I got the package, I passed on the product to her 9 month old baby boy. 

I just want to give a quick THANK YOU to MomCenter and more power!


  1. Lucky you! I heard those are wonderful products!

  2. lucky you! dalawa na kayo nabasahan ko na nakareceived ng cycle products from momcenter. i wonder how? member din ako niyan, hehe!

  3. @anney - thanks for dropping by, the detergent really smells good and I even use it for my delicates.

    @Michi - thanks for the visit, just wait a bit sis, they usually send you a gift for being a MomCenter blog partner, check mo yung thread;-)

  4. These products look similar with Smart Steps. They must have the same manufacturer.

    Hi! We meet at the Top Mom's Tea Party the other day. Hope you visit back! :D


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