Nursery Tales : Sofie's First Day

We just survived a parenting milestone unscathed. . . mostly. Yey us!

After a couple of months of looking around we are finally done pre-school shopping and enrolled our kid to an integrated school in Q.C.  The other day was Sofie's first day in Nursery and needless to say we tried to pull all the stops just to make sure she is well prepared for her first day. The night before, Hubby was staring at the ceiling while I was making my mental list.  
  1. Pre-school Talk with Sofie - √
  2. School Documents - √
  3. Camera - √
  4. Lunchbox - √
  5. School Bag - √
  6. Powder - √
  7. Hand Sanitizer - √
  8. Towel - √
  9. Extra Shirt - √
  10. First Day Outfit - √
  11. Shoes - √
After I assured myself that everything will be JUUUUSSSSTTT FINE and that I did not forget anything, I was ready to sleep. Hubby nudged me and said " I have a feeling we are not prepared, I  feel like we forgot something." Gee, thanks Lab!

Come Wednesday morning we woke up early, aimed at arriving 30 minutes before class to give our little schoolgirl some playtime. In a seemingly orderly fashion, Hubby, Sofie and I took our butts over to the pre-school. Of course Hubby and I were a bunch of nerves and I think we were the ones who experienced separation anxiety. Sofie on the other hand was excited about the whole thing and only had the playground in mind. She's been going to Gymboree's weekly learning lab, but it still feels different since this new school is bigger has more kids and a more regular schedule. Still, all she thought of was the playground and lunch. Once in school she totally forgot about us and made a beeline to the slide. 

We were asked to wait in the admin office to fill out some forms but Hubby refused to budge. He was like a hawk on prey! His eyes never left Sofie and I could feel his blood pressure rising every time she climbed a ladder or talked to a boy. When a boy pushed our kid to the ground I thought my dear husband would pop a vein and assault someone. We tried my best to resist helping her, some things she really needs to handle on her own. Thankfully, Sofie stood up and walked away, she doesn't like fighting. The teachers were also quite quick and talked to the boy about pushing and saying sorry. By the time class started, Sofie stood in line, listened and hummed during the opening song and went inside without any fuss.

Hubby and I on the other hand, stood outside the classroom like idiots peering through small openings in between the curtains covering the glass windows. We even tried seeing through the curtains and deciphering which moving shape is our kid. Separation anxiety, much! We did that for a little over an hour until we got hungry and bored. After a few minutes of convincing Hubby that his unica ija will be okay in school, we had a quick lunch and did our best to entertain ourselves. Dang! pre-school is hard. 

I'm very happy to say it went very well, there were no tears (from both husband and kid), no going out of class, no biting, scratching or any behavior resembling an escaped convict. Our kid was playing, making friends and eating on her own by lunchtime. After class we asked her how it went and she said "I just have fun and I rock." See, everything is JJJUUUUSSSSTTT FINE!

Come to think of it,  I should have included one more item in my mental list :

12. Preschool Talk with Hubby - √


  1. very much like me, when i enrolled my son last summer camp, i kept on peeking and taking pictures outside, hehe! it hurts me also when i saw someone pushed my son but i can't do anything since nasa labas ako. :(

  2. haha :) nice one Ate jho!!!
    galing galing ni sofie!!! sana maging behave sya until the end of her school year ^_^


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