Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanks Momcenter!

I just got my MomCenter gift and I have to say I'm very happy with it. I got some Cycles products that I really used on Sofie. She's a bit bigger now and we don't use them anymore but back when she was an infant, she really had sensitive skin that I ended up using bath soap for her clothes. I was relieved to see some Cycles Laundry Detergent for babies, it's a product that is not so readily available a couple of years ago.. I was a bit skeptic about the product until I tried it and was very pleased with the results, she didn't get rashes from her clothes despite the weather. The powdery scent was amazing and more than that it was tough on stains like mashed broccoli and pumpkin, even if I used just a bit;-)

I also got some Cradle Bottle Cleaner, but Sofie doesn't use the bottle anymore so I didn't get to try them. Fortunately for my friend, she came the day I got the package, I passed on the product to her 9 month old baby boy. 

I just want to give a quick THANK YOU to MomCenter and more power!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When Kids and Crayons Meet

When kids and crayons meet it's not always a work of art. Writing on walls, table tops and other "illegal" surfaces, can be a bummer as far as the parent cleaning "art" (mess) is concerned. For kids, though, every bit of scribble is important and holds a world of meaning, it helps them develop their creativity and imagination.  However, as much as we want them to explore their inner Dali, it's not always fun when you have abstract art everywhere you rest your eyes. Luckily for us, Sofie has learned early on that we only write on paper or activity books. I buy her rolls of Manila paper and other art materials enough to supply a pre-school, so she gets to release her artistic energy there.  Other books and surfaces are a big no-no, unless she doesn't want to see her crayons again. 

When she first made an attempt to create a mural, we considered giving her a wall and covering it with Manila paper, but I read somewhere that it sends mixed signals to kids. God forbid we visit a place with wall paper! Although we had a bumpy start with this rule, once she learned it, she stuck to it without fail . . . until a few weeks ago. I was doing the laundry and after a couple of minutes, I was amazed by how awfully quiet she was. When I went to the living room, lo and behold, I came upon Picasso's Blue Period and a little tyke grinning at me. "Look, look, Mommy I colored blue, I'm great!!!"

Sofie smiling - Good
Can identify colors - Good
Well developed self-esteem - Very Good  
Streaks of blue on wooden floor - Bad. . . Extremely BAAAADDD!

Sofie + Blue Crayon + Wooden Floors = Disaster! 
Sometimes, they just seem possessed , don't they?!
I don't want to take away the crayons since she really loves to color and it helps her fine motor skills. Spanking definitely will not work and ignoring it will only make it worse. I could only think of Cinderella. Yup, I resorted to physical labor. I  told her I liked her art, but we do not color on floors only on paper. Then I gave her a damp rag with a little soap and asked her to scrub, while repeatedly saying "We only write on paper".  I wasn't sure if she was taking me seriously since she seemed to have enjoyed her punishment a little too much. We haven't seen any wall or floor art since then, so it seems to have worked ;-)

A fun activity WE DON'T  want to do AGAIN!

**I did this with potty training too, I asked her to help me wipe her "accident" off the floor until she eventually got tired of it and began using the potty. 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

45 minutes into Sofie's minor lunch misdemeanor  . . .

Mommy: Anak, earlier my patience was THIS BIG (w/ hand gestures) now it's THIS SMALL! Can you please finish lunch so we can go?
Sofie: Oh no Mommy! What happened to your patience!? (in all innocence) 
Mommy: Speechless ;-(

.....after 5 minutes

Sofie: Mommy is your patience getting larger and larger?

tsk tsk tsk

**Anak - child , term of endearment used by parents or elders when calling young children;

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nursery Tales : Sofie's First Day

We just survived a parenting milestone unscathed. . . mostly. Yey us!

After a couple of months of looking around we are finally done pre-school shopping and enrolled our kid to an integrated school in Q.C.  The other day was Sofie's first day in Nursery and needless to say we tried to pull all the stops just to make sure she is well prepared for her first day. The night before, Hubby was staring at the ceiling while I was making my mental list.  
  1. Pre-school Talk with Sofie - √
  2. School Documents - √
  3. Camera - √
  4. Lunchbox - √
  5. School Bag - √
  6. Powder - √
  7. Hand Sanitizer - √
  8. Towel - √
  9. Extra Shirt - √
  10. First Day Outfit - √
  11. Shoes - √
After I assured myself that everything will be JUUUUSSSSTTT FINE and that I did not forget anything, I was ready to sleep. Hubby nudged me and said " I have a feeling we are not prepared, I  feel like we forgot something." Gee, thanks Lab!

Come Wednesday morning we woke up early, aimed at arriving 30 minutes before class to give our little schoolgirl some playtime. In a seemingly orderly fashion, Hubby, Sofie and I took our butts over to the pre-school. Of course Hubby and I were a bunch of nerves and I think we were the ones who experienced separation anxiety. Sofie on the other hand was excited about the whole thing and only had the playground in mind. She's been going to Gymboree's weekly learning lab, but it still feels different since this new school is bigger has more kids and a more regular schedule. Still, all she thought of was the playground and lunch. Once in school she totally forgot about us and made a beeline to the slide. 

We were asked to wait in the admin office to fill out some forms but Hubby refused to budge. He was like a hawk on prey! His eyes never left Sofie and I could feel his blood pressure rising every time she climbed a ladder or talked to a boy. When a boy pushed our kid to the ground I thought my dear husband would pop a vein and assault someone. We tried my best to resist helping her, some things she really needs to handle on her own. Thankfully, Sofie stood up and walked away, she doesn't like fighting. The teachers were also quite quick and talked to the boy about pushing and saying sorry. By the time class started, Sofie stood in line, listened and hummed during the opening song and went inside without any fuss.

Hubby and I on the other hand, stood outside the classroom like idiots peering through small openings in between the curtains covering the glass windows. We even tried seeing through the curtains and deciphering which moving shape is our kid. Separation anxiety, much! We did that for a little over an hour until we got hungry and bored. After a few minutes of convincing Hubby that his unica ija will be okay in school, we had a quick lunch and did our best to entertain ourselves. Dang! pre-school is hard. 

I'm very happy to say it went very well, there were no tears (from both husband and kid), no going out of class, no biting, scratching or any behavior resembling an escaped convict. Our kid was playing, making friends and eating on her own by lunchtime. After class we asked her how it went and she said "I just have fun and I rock." See, everything is JJJUUUUSSSSTTT FINE!

Come to think of it,  I should have included one more item in my mental list :

12. Preschool Talk with Hubby - √


Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Fiend

I'm saving my daughter's teeth from cavities by raiding her Halloween loot. Moms have such tough jobs.


Eastwood Preschool and Enrichment Fair 2011

Deciding on whether to send your child to pre-school and which one to go to can be a very long and difficult process. I guess what's really important is finding the school who shares your vision as a parent as well as a place that your child is comfortable with. Of course, other considerations are important too like cost, distance, teacher-child ratio and so on. 

Sofie's starting to get bored with our home school/play school set up. So far she's able to write her name(when the mood strikes) as well as read and write simple words but I can tell that she really needs to be with other kids and not just with Mommy all the time. Hubby and I have decided to move Sofie from play school to Kindergarten and we think we've found the best match for us. 

The bottom line is which school do you feel most comfortable with, to whom would you entrust your child's learning and which school matches your own family values and lifestyle. Take advantage of the free trial classes offered by the schools, this will give you a good idea of how things are run and don't forget to ask your child's input. Privately. I have to emphasize the word "privately", I once made the mistake of asking my kid if she liked a school we visited and she said " No, I don't like" with eyes poking directly at the teacher.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Kids have a 6th sense about these things so we never came back;-)

Eastwood City Mall is holding it's 2nd Preschool and Enrichment Fair for the year, the event started last Nov. 3, 2011 and will run until Nov. 9,2011. If you haven't picked out a pre-school for your young one and you live in Quezon City, it's a great one stop shop while doing some early Holiday shopping too. 

Here's some of my personal picks, I've included an estimate of their tuition. They have very flexible payment schemes that parents can choose from ;-)

Pail and Shovel Integrated School is a progressive school located in Cubao, Q.C. The school believes in the  holistic development of children through hands-on learning and dynamic interaction. They are family oriented and the entire faculty is UP educated. They also have various enrichment programs like ballet, martial arts and cooking classes. 
Contact Information: pail_and_shovel@hotmail.com(02)9124539, 09228143041
Price Estimate: 75,000-80,000/year 

WCC Kids Academy International is also a progressive school that uses Australian and Korean curricula along with thematic teaching methods. Enrichment classes include Language arts, Arts & Crafts, Taekwondo, Dance and Photography classes. They are located near Robinson's Galleria. 
Contact Information: kidsacademyint@yahoo.com.ph /  (632) 6875791 | 0917-5968624   Price Estimate: 75,000 - 78,000 /year

Cradle of Joy - Center for Learning is a Catholic progressive school that uses multiple-intelligence program with emphasis on Cristian values, as well as social and environmental awareness of the child. They also use a  thematic  learning approach in teaching. They are located in Kamuning Q.C
Contact Information:  coj@cradleofjoy.net / 9210602, 8714553, 09285018388
Price Estimate: 70,000-75,000 /year

O.B Montessori Center is located in Greenhills. They employ classical montessori education from Toddlers, Casa, Grade school and High School. I did not really inquire much but a friend of mine has nothing but praises for the school after having all her 3 sons attend the Montessori. They also have branches in Fairview, Las Pinas and Sta. Ana. 
Contact Information: registrar@obmontessori.edu.ph / (02)7229720
Price Estimate: 80,000 - 95,000 /year

Good luck Mom's and Dad's! Happy hunting;-) 


Thursday, November 3, 2011

When She Say's She Wants to Be a Princess . . .

A couple of weeks before Halloween, Sofie and I were browsing the fabric store as  I was looking for some fabric for a bedsheet. I wanted to try an "easy" project to christen my mini-sewing machine I gave my self for my birthday. Of course Sofie kept on asking what things were for and I told her we can use them to make stuff for the house like curtains and pillowcases and clothes.  That's when she told me that she wanted to be a princess, a pink one. In verbatim she said "Mommy, make me a princess, in your song machine, a pink one, please, please,please, please!" Well, when she put it like that, there's only one thing for a mother to do. 

I forgot about the bed sheet and we started going through different shades of pink cloth, tulle, ribbons and what not. I told myself that it's just like making Barbie clothes when I was little, except that now I have a whiny little Barbie-like girl who has an opinion about everything and is having a hard time choosing between different shades of pink. "Not that one, the darker one Mommy". Oh God! I can just imagine when she turns 13!

I'm happy to say that it was well, as close to a successful first try as I'll ever get. I told hubby that if he owned a sewing factory I won't  get hired unless I did him "special" favors. Haha!

When you're a Mom and you said you can do anything, your kid holds you to it!
The other one is for my grand niece Sam-Sam
Trick or Treat
Oh no! Princess Sam-Sam refuses to set foot on the ground ;-)

Remember what mommy said "Don't mix your candy, it makes you loopy!"



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