The Versatile Blogger Award

When I shifted from being a Working Mom to a Work-At-Home-Mom or WHAM, blogging has become my go to thing. It was the one place I could go to for my much needed "Me Time", a place to think, scream and shout! A virtual "Room of Ones Own" if you will. It is also a place where I have met wonderful women who in their own unique ways amuse and inspire me with their own stories.

I was very thankful to receive awards from two very cool mom bloggers, Spanish Pinay and Chris of MomJourney.  I know I owe some blog awards to some fantastic bloggers too and this has been long overdue.

Let's get the ball rolling with 7 things about me:

Tried to resist . . . Epic Fail!
1.     I am a recovering shoe addict.My husband will disagree with this but it's been a month since my last shoe emergency. It was a NineWest open-toed bootie marked down from 6K to 2K. It's reasonable, right?

2.     I am spiritual, I believe in God, the Devil and heaven but I am not religious.I have nothing against religion, or people practicing their faith. I just don't appreciate it when someone tries to over-evangelize and use religion as a means of seeking donations.It becomes a case of me wanting to shoot the messenger. 

3.     I still blush when given flowers. 

4.  I am a closet poet. I rarely ever share my poetry, ever!

5.   I clap my hands when I eat something really delicious.A thing I only learned about myself last year when a friend pointed it out and even tried to count how many times I did it.  

6.     I love DIY projects. I believe almost anything sold at stores can be made at home like jams, pillow cases and sometimes even furniture. I love DIY so much I color my own hair and even cut it sometimes. My husband has been witness to some WEIRD-hair-days and is kind enough not to say anything that can hurt my feelings. He lets me repaint and refurbish furniture but sets his foot down at me repainting the house, I wonder why?!

I wish my kid was old enough so I can have 
an excuse to watch 2nE1's concert. Haist!
   7. I love KPOP, yes I am a 30 something ajumma who has succumbed to the Hallyu wave. My favorites are 2NE1 (on repeat in my iPod), Younha, Taeyang and IU. I have to make clear though that I loved Korean music, dramas and food even before they became a fad. I taught ESL to Koreans in college and music and food were the things that bridged the language barrier between me and my students. I had to teach 4 Korean grade-schoolers once, they had zero English and zero interest until I asked them to translate a KPOP song by G.O.D into English. Worked like magic!

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award

2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to at least 15 fabulous bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers you awarded  to let them know about the award. 


  1. Thank you so much for including me with these other great bloggers!

    I'm also a DIY nut, but not nearly to the extent that you are! I'd never try to cut my own hair ;)

    Thanks again for the honor!

  2. I'm a shoe addict too, but with the measly budget I have, it's not that hard to control myself... there's just nothing to control to as there's nothing to shed out for buying shoes LOL

    Thanks for thinking of me for this award! kisses!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. it is great to know more about you :) thanks for posting the award! you deserve it!

  4. a mom with a young heart...pareho tayo dun :)
    congrats sa award!

  5. Thanks witchycrazymommy! it is very much appreciated that you chose my blog to be part of the list! (by the way, dont get guilty about the shoes! your not alone! haha!)

  6. Thank you for including me in your list ! I love learning more about the peoples blogs that I follow. ( I am picturing you clapping

  7. sorry im late, thanks a lot for the award. I'll try to do it sometime, for now. I will add it amy award page.

    congratulations too!

  8. Thanks for the blog award sis! Kakaiba yung clapping your hands when you eat something delicious. hehehe! Ako namn pag may nakain na masarap walng tigil sa pagsabi ng " ang sarap!"

  9. Cute shoes are also my undoing. Well, that, and cupcakes. And I also clap my hands gleefully when I see either one.

    And thank you so much for the award... so sweet of you!


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