Saturday, June 11, 2011

MM: Love You Dad

Dear Daddy, 

I know I say "Mommy" all the time, I always follow her around and do everything she does. Sometimes I give you ouch when I make you go downstairs during bedtime or only want Mommy when I have a booboo. But that doesn't mean I love you less. I always think of you when I have dinner with mommy, when I do my artwork, that plus a hundred, hundred times a day. I always ask Mommy to "texting Daddy" and to "calling Daddy" because I miss you when you are in the office because you have a meeting. I like going to school because it's near Daddy's office and I can see "Daddy's building". In my little heart, I have "really, really big, sooo big" love for the only man in my life. 

**And I promise not to think of or look at boys in any shape or form, until I've graduated from college, can keep a steady job and I'm 30 years old. (that's Mommy talking)**

Love you dad!


mommy moments;


  1. Lovely picture...a dad's love.

  2. hah, good luck on not looking or thinking of boys till after college.. .even worse till the steady job LOL

    swing by my blog, I just tagged you ;-)

  3. great pictures...lovely letter and you made me smile with what mommy's saying. :) visiting you from MM and wishing you a great weekend!

  4. really great post!! :D love it! :D



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