Death by Boxes

It's been 48 hours since our big move and NO, I am not pregnant. I guess it's just the stress of moving that's causing the delay. Oh well!

Sofie is not spared from the stress too, even though we showed her this house a couple of times and toured her around the neighborhood, she still had a difficult first night and still calls this house "the other new house". 

What's causing all the stress?

6 suitcases
   Sofie's clothes make up 2 large ones!
9 big plastic boxes
    3 - goes to the kitchen
    3 - is filled with books
    1 - for Christmas decors
    2 - God only know what Hubby put in there
2 big drums
   more kitchen stuff

Did I mention we almost left my Dad (his ashes) in the old house?!
That and I found screws in my pocket. Beats me!

I'll survive this, one box at a time!


  1. Oh, tell me about moving. 5 yrs ago, we moved from one province to another and it was nightmare for me. I think I packed for 2 weeks!

    Congrats on the new house and of course, kaya mo yan! One box at a time :)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. It looks like a pretty house ... even with all the mess ... I'm sure you'll be able to fix it all in no time ...

  3. i hate packing and unpacking! good luck!

  4. you can do it Jho! :) i can't wait to see your new home! woot hoo! just by looking at the pictures, its really nice!

  5. it looks like a nice house mommy, ilove the flooring.

  6. Wow! that's a lot of boxes! but you're right, you can only take it a box at a time. I'm an expert with moving, I moved probably over 20 times already!!! Good luck & hope little Sophie adjust to your new home soon =)



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