Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Kitchen Aid

One of the things that I got from my mom is her love for cooking and watching cooking shows. I remember sitting in the living room with my family watching Wok with Yan. It was the only show where nobody complained or asked to watch something else. Mr.Yan had a way of making de-boning a chicken fun, he had amazing garnishes and I he is also one of the reasons why I prefer using a cleaver over a chef's knife. 

Now, somehow I've passed on the love for cooking to my Playhouse Disney addicted toddler. The only time I can get her to sit and watch what I like on TV is when we have Masterchef or some cooking show on. She likes to play "pretend eat" whenever the camera closes in on the food. Another thing we enjoy together is poring over pages of  my Yummy Magazine collection. I even read it to her during bedtime sometimes when she gets bored with her kiddie books. She has even taken possession of my Yummy cooking pin a friend bought for me at YummyEats.

She's at the stage where she mimics everything I do and keeps on asking "Mommy, what chu makin?" or    "Why you makin' that?!" when I'm in the kitchen. She loves smelling the ingredients and pretend to get knocked out when she smells something awful. So, I get to have my own cooking show for her, explaining everything over a gazillion times. I even had to take her to the grocery just to explain that a broccoli is not the same as a celery just because they rhyme. I think she is under the impression that I am playing whenever I'm in the kitchen and insists on "cooking" as well.  Tsk tsk tsk!

I haven't had a chance to "christen" my new kitchen with massive cooking yet, but here are some photos in our old house. 
She "read" the June 2011 issue even before I had the chance!

My Little Kitchen Aid Helping cook Sinigang for Daddy


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Death by Boxes

It's been 48 hours since our big move and NO, I am not pregnant. I guess it's just the stress of moving that's causing the delay. Oh well!

Sofie is not spared from the stress too, even though we showed her this house a couple of times and toured her around the neighborhood, she still had a difficult first night and still calls this house "the other new house". 

What's causing all the stress?

6 suitcases
   Sofie's clothes make up 2 large ones!
9 big plastic boxes
    3 - goes to the kitchen
    3 - is filled with books
    1 - for Christmas decors
    2 - God only know what Hubby put in there
2 big drums
   more kitchen stuff

Did I mention we almost left my Dad (his ashes) in the old house?!
That and I found screws in my pocket. Beats me!

I'll survive this, one box at a time!;

Mommy Still Rocks!

Yes I was a teenage rocker! I swore to myself when I was about 13 that I would marry Kurt Cobain, looking back I would choose my hubby over Kurt anytime. I'm much older and wiser now, but I still rock and in the wee hours of the night when the house is sleeping I put on my headset and rock to the beat while fingers tap away in the keyboard. 

My taste for music has definitely widened and I can listen to anything from Sarah Brightman's Nella Fantasia, any song by Adele and 2ne1 KPop hits, but still nothing beats good old grunge. It's a better alternative to breaking dishes, trust me. 

My favorite local underground band is very close to my heart. SPEAKEASY is a grunge band with a touch of blues. What I like is their music, it does not compromise and it is what it is! It's the perfect grunge outlet for a stay-at-home toddler mom, better and much cheaper than therapy ;-) They  are originally from Leyte and hit the music scene in Cebu in the early 90's where I also went to college and became good friends with the bassist who is like a brother to me. So, yeah, I love their band!

They are currently hitting the streets of Manila spreading their music in the south. If you live around these parts or simply a fan of OPM music vote for them at the Southern Project poll.

Not working for you? Maybe Dad will like it! For gigs check them out on Facebook and ReverbNation


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dad

Always there to guide
Always there by my side
Always there to be my friend
Always there to kiss the tears
Always the best Dad in the world!

**Photos thanks to Kuya Dennis, Ferry Jhoi and Ryan March, 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Barefoot and Hormonal

I have been feeling pretty hormonal lately, I am not sure if it has anything to do with our big move this Sunday but I've been pretty cranky, always thinking about small babies and been craving for Kowloon Siopao (steamed buns). I'm a couple of days late, and since my period is always spot on , I took a pregnancy test last night using a home kit and my heart kind of skipped a little. It had one really bright pink line and a really faint second line, a weak positive. Are you kidding me?Am I or am I not pregnant!?  I need to know so I can have a party already! The home kit can not make up it's mind, so we have to re-do it today.

I showed Hubby to make sure it's not my imagination and he asked me if it was a boy! Men! 

I remembered when I was pregnant with Sofie, I didn't really crave for any particular food but boy I was full of waterworks. I cry about almost anything, I even cried watching commercials. One time after I got off work, I went to the nearby McDonald's and waited for Hubby to pick me up. All day I have been thinking about having a strawberry milkshake, so despite the immense crowd that for some reason decided to eat there that morning I waited for my turn to order. When I finally got to the counter, I was greeted courteously and I asked for my strawberry milkshake. The girl went to the milkshake machine and fiddled with it a little, then she called her manager and HE fiddled with it a little. After about 5 minutes of fiddling, she managed to produce a CHOCOLATE milkshake and handed it to another service crew who then handed it to another customer. Errr, where was MY milkshake?! The girl walked back and forth for a bit and ignored my evil stare. I could just imagine all of them singing "My milkshake brings all the boys in the yard" and had the urge to smack somebody really bad.

This girl went back to the milkshake machine and I thought at this point she was making MY milkshake, then the machine sort of sputtered and gave a weird sound. She called her manager, the manager fiddled with it again, is he a freakin' technician? The man who was sent to Earth for the sole purpose of fixing milkshake machines? No, no he is not! 

It's been ten minutes and still no strawberry milkshake, I could already feel Sofie stirring about in my tummy. She wants her milkshake too! I asked the girl calmly, "Miss, wala pa ba ung milkshake?" (Miss, still no milkshake?). She ignored me again and sort of just turned her back at me, facing the ridiculous machine. I asked again, she came to me and said "Sorry po, the strawberry is not available and our machine is broken."  Really now! After fifteen minutes! Needless to say I blew my top off and people looked at me like I was a crazy person. 

Give me a break! I was 7 months pregnant, working the night shift, I had acne, had a bad hair year, I had cankles, my shoes don't fit right anymore and they made me wait 15 minutes just to tell me that they could not give me one.measly.strawberry.milkshake! 

Defeated, I went outside, stood in the middle of the parking lot crying my eyes out because I didn't get my strawberry milkshake. Thank God Hubby found me in time and rescued me AND McDonald's from my tantrum. He took me out to have a nice lunch and he gave me ice-cream too!

Oh and about the PT, I'll let you know as soon as I know!

Join in the coolest meme EVER!
Mama’s Losin’ It;

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy Ver 2.O

When I gave birth, I passed out the moment my daughter came out of me and only got to see her hours after in the nursery. I still remember feeling the jitters as I forced myself to snap out of the anesthesia and the nurse told me that I can see her. The first time I held my daughter to breastfeed, she looked into my eyes, then to my breasts, then into my eyes again, she raised one eyebrow and that's how I knew she was truly mine. The eyebrow raising gene is something that has plagued women in my family, it's involuntary, we even do it while laughing. 

During her first year, there was constant debate as to who she looked like. The battle was between my Dad and my husband. She had the same round face as my dad, same eyes and nose. My Dad already had cataracts at the time, but we told him that they looked alike. He would always tell Sofie "Apo ko, you are so beautiful, you look like Lolo but I can not see you!" Toinks!

She had Hubby's fingers, toes and ears. It really ticks me that she's got the ears, it's not even, one is round and the other is pointy, like one is from Middle Earth and the other is from the Land of the Elves! The only thing she got from me are her eyebrows and magnanimous vocal prowess, of course! Wink wink!

Now that she is three, I am amazed at how much she looks and acts like her father. They sleep in the same position, they toss and tumble the same way that I even called it "synchronized sleeping".

They also have the same temperament, when ever I get hyped and upset at something they did, both would just grin sheepishly and look at me like they do not have any idea what I'm talking about. They would hug me and tell me to calm down. My daughter's words are "Mommy, you happy? You happy Mommy!". They both know how to manipulate my weaknesses and with this pair, I am doomed ;-)

Regardless, I love both of them very much and it's double the fun too with this Daddy and Daddy Ver 2.0, there is never a dull moment and problems always seem to be lighter.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crowning Moments! Blogger Tag!

I have never enjoyed tag as a kid since I am usually the IT and I fell down a lot, but now I learned of a new game of tag that only requires my fingertips to type away. Thanks to Spanish Pinay for including me in this amazing blogger-tag game, simply because I'm crazy! Ha ha ha (evil laugh)!'

Since I'm IT, I need to answer a few questions and tag 4 other bloggers, so here we go;

1. Do you think you're hot? 

Oh yeah! Sizzling hot and spicy!!! Of course, I have my bad hair days and not so fine days but mostly I'm hot, really I  am. I even have my own theme music . . . tugz, tugz, tugz! Whapish!

2. Upload the picture of the wallpaper you're using at the moment:
Ahhh! The elusive beauty shot!
3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?

Ooooh! I have a bad memory! If I'm right, it's last weekend, I didn't cook since we were so busy with preparing for our big move so hubby just ordered, langhap sarap Jollibee Chicken Joy. I always have mine with extra steak sauce and Sofie calls is "crunchy-crunchy". Nothing beats Pinoy taste. Yum!

4. 4 Songs you listened to lately.
The first two I really liked, the last two only because I was forced to listen. 

  • 2NE1's Loney - it was my LSS (last song syndrome) for almost 2 weeks now and hubby is just in pain.
  • Fleetwood Mac's Songbird - I love the Glee version but super loved the original one. 
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Theme Songs - I don't understand any of them, something about biting and dancing. My brain is just numb to the sound. 
  • Wonderpets - I listen to this because we're on our way to help the baby zebra and save the day. As my daughter sings it "We're not too bee and we're not too tuck, when we when todether we got the rye tuck!"

5. What were you thinking while you were doing this.

Hurry up and make sure we are not late for playschool ;-)

6. Do you have nicknames, what are they?
My parents and close friends call me Wang, they say it's a shortcut of my name but I don't really get that. My sister calls me Pie, as a child I was a very picky eater and could survive for weeks at a time eating only bread and egg pie (Filipino Custard Pie). 

Now it's my turn to tag and tackle! Ha ha ha! (another evil laugh)

Who's listed as #1?
Mariel because she is new to blogging and I think it's a nice welcome, plus she has amazing homeschooling ideas!

How did you get to know #3?
I met her throughMommy Journey's Mommy Moments meme 

How about #4?
I was just blurking online looking for a mommy meme and found Chris' Mommy Moments! I love it and have been joining as often as I can;-)

Leave a lovey-dovey message for #2

Hi Mommy France, 
It's amazing how small the world is, knowing we have common friends. You are one cool momblogger and I'm happy to have met you in cyberspace! More power to your blog and  hoping to join Nanay Online soon ;-)

Now it's your turn!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Toddler and Sharing

Riding in Cars Horses with Boys
When our  toddler does something good like pack away her toys, show Daddy her artwork or "help" Mommy in the kitchen, hubby and I feel so blessed. We feel really good about our parenting skills and believe that we are raising her right. That is until she brings us back to earth with something totally out of character like not sharing her toys or even taking toys from other kids in playschool. Apart from not sharing, she will express it in full sentences, "Uhhm Mommy, I do not like to share" or "I do not like to share with baby." She not only acts on it she explicitly explains it to adults around, there's no hiding from her sharing issues. When our toddler "misbehaves" I have to admit that I get embarrassed, I often end up apologizing to other parents and I begin to think that I have an evil spawn in my hands.

Sharing is something that I have never thought to actively cultivate since I thought it was something that should come natural to her. Being an only child, we have lavished her with affection and she never wants for anything, so for the life of me I can not understand why she would feel the need to be selfish. Then again, that's me talking and I'm thirty-two, she's three and a half. God knows what's going on in her brain. Totally puzzled, the nerd in me hit the books and here's some toddler sharing tips I've learned and been trying so far. 

1. Accept that the behavior is normal. As weird as it sounds, your kid is not alone, a lot of other toddlers are going through the same thing. It's what they do at this age, although it may be more pronounced in others. A toddler not sharing is NOT out of character since toddlers are possessive by nature. They are just learning how things belong to them and haven't quite gotten around the fact that things belong to other people too. Toddlers need to ease into this idea and parents need to constantly remind  and show them how it's done.

2. Build toddler's self-esteem, a secure child is more likely to learn sharing and socializing more than an insecure one. Praise her "sharing behavior", when Sofie gives me a bite of her cookie, I say "Thanks for sharing Sofie, that is very nice". This is a good step for us, she is already sharing with Mommy and Daddy, the next project is to get her to share with other kids.

3. Don't push just guide. When I get embarrassed about her behavior, my initial thought is to just command her to share, but this only results in a meltdown. She freaks because she thinks that I am not on her side because I want her to give the toy away. Now I don't force her anymore, I say "I know you like playing with this toy, but it's more fun if you play together with Playmate #1." or "When you do not share it makes people sad, it's rude and hurts peoples feelings."

4. Explain to your toddler the concept of borrowing and taking turns. Daddy and I showed her how we "borrow" and "take turns" with one of her toys and she slowly grasped the concept that borrowing is not a permanent thing and that she will get her toy back. Of course this takes a little more work and does not happen overnight. Being away from a favorite toy for 5 minutes can seem like a lifetime when you are a pint-sized diva.

5. It easy to think that you are being a bad parent but the truth is, not sharing is a toddler's way of learning about ownership. Do not be embarrassed about it but do work on correcting the behavior. According to some of the books I've read, being possessive is actually the first step in learning how to share so go with it and guide your kid. Trying to teach your kid to share and expecting her to learn it in a few days is like trying to punch the moon. It takes time and consistency to learn this behavior, it is so difficult that some adults don't even know how to do it.

These are tips you could use to build good behavior over time, it's not a magic trick and no book or blog can make your child "perfect" just like that. It's human nature and not instant coffee folks.

Want more insight into your toddler's sharing behavior? Read 8 Rules of Toddler Play


8 Rules of Toddler Play

Reference: The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems, (New York: Atria Books, 2005), Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau ;

Saturday, June 11, 2011

MM: Love You Dad

Dear Daddy, 

I know I say "Mommy" all the time, I always follow her around and do everything she does. Sometimes I give you ouch when I make you go downstairs during bedtime or only want Mommy when I have a booboo. But that doesn't mean I love you less. I always think of you when I have dinner with mommy, when I do my artwork, that plus a hundred, hundred times a day. I always ask Mommy to "texting Daddy" and to "calling Daddy" because I miss you when you are in the office because you have a meeting. I like going to school because it's near Daddy's office and I can see "Daddy's building". In my little heart, I have "really, really big, sooo big" love for the only man in my life. 

**And I promise not to think of or look at boys in any shape or form, until I've graduated from college, can keep a steady job and I'm 30 years old. (that's Mommy talking)**

Love you dad!


mommy moments;

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Toddler's Hospital Stay

Sofie has always been a healthy girl, she had fever and colds from time to time but nothing that would warrant my toddler's hospital stay to be longer than a few hours. Last April though, Sofie had pharyngitis it was not so bad that the doctor just gave us prescription and we were sent home. She was fine for a couple of weeks until she started having sore throat and fever two weeks ago. She refused to eat and was not her usual bubbly self, her behavior was very odd, she was irritable and cried at every little thing. I almost got really mad at her because she didn't want to move when we were dressing up for bed, when I touched her she already had a fever and of course I felt really guilty. 

The next morning hubby and I decided to take her to the hospital and we were asked to stay for observation. Nothing tears the heart more than hearing our daughter scream "Mommy help me! Mommy help!" while the doctors were attending to her. Hubby and I were helpless and panicked. I was carrying her on my lap while the nurse was getting some blood for the tests and for the life of me I swear I could hear a familiar melody mixed with squeaking birds and crashing stuff in my ear along with my daughter's cries. I turned around and there he was, my lovable husband,sitting right behind me, playing Angry Birds on the iPod!

Me: "Seriously?! Lab? Seriously?!"
Hubby: "I'm only playing to entertain Sofie so she will not think of the pain. She likes Angry Birds!"
Me: "Seriously!"

Right! I did not fight that, I juuuuuuust let that one slide. I mean, he thinks he has a point and in his world he probably does, so whatever! Our real enemy was the pharyngitis that threatened to become strep throat, we actually  thought it was strep but turned out to be a different bacteria. Enough with the technical stuff. So there we were, a level short of completing Angry Birds Seasons and stuck in the hospital for 4 days. This was our toddler's first hospital stay and you can imagine the horror, me and my cranky toddler stuck in a small room for four freaking days! Here are some tips on how we survived our toddler's hospital stay. 

1: Be prepared - Unless your kid encounters an emergency, you will have at least an hour to prepare stuff to bring to the hospital. Aside from the child's clothing and personal items, do not forget to bring comfort items.Bring favorite toys, books, blanket and even snacks, these will help ease your child into the idea of staying in an unfamiliar place. Parents or caregivers should also bring their favorite stuff too.

2. Explain - My sister always says that information is everything, so explain to your child why you are staying in the hospital and why the doctors and nurses are doing procedures. Be honest but not brutal. This will make your child feel important and less likely to feel afraid. Sofie was trying to pull out her IV and I told her that the "water" goes into the  "straw" so her arms will not be thirsty and it will make her feel better. What else was I supposed to say, she's three!

3. Empathize - By the time we got admitted and sent to her room, she was already afraid of anybody resembling a health professional. I told her that we are staying in the hospital because we want to make her feel better, I told her that Mommy and Daddy are also afraid but we will hold hands and drink medicine to make her feel better. Of course it still took three people to hold her down and make her drink her meds, but she was more cooperative when it came to blood tests. It's strange but I'll take what I can get.

4. Trust your Gut - You know your kid more than anyone and you are your child's best advocate. Tell the nurses and the doctors if your child is uncomfortable with their treatment and help them help your child as well. Be prepared and research about your child's condition, this help you be a better advocate when dealing with doctors. You will  know which questions to ask and what procedures you will ask or allow the doctors to do during your toddler's hospital stay.

5. Have Fun at the Hospital - This seems hard to do, with all the anxiety you and your toddler will be feeling but  the reason why they say that laughter is the best medicine is because it works. Playing games and telling stories offer a nice break from all the "scary" stuff. Here are some of our hospital photos where "Hubby and I" had too much fun.

Sadaku Mommy
I don't really know how to explain this photo.
Seriously! These people are sick! I am sooooo out of here!

Have tips for toddler's hospital stay? Share it in the comments section ;-)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mommy Moments: I Am A Daddy

For the past year this blog mostly contains musings about me and my daughter, but there is one character who has not been given enough press. He's the one who is always there to support, guide, humor and take care of our family. He is often quiet, rarely the center of attention but here in our little world he is as important as the sun is to flowers. 

This month I am joining Mommy Moments to celebrate the number one man in our lives and his journey through fatherhood. 

When we first got married, we did not plan to have a baby right away, we wanted to have our fist year just for ourselves. I guess God has his own plans and our daughter was also in a hurry to play with us that I got pregnant 3 months after the wedding. I was delayed for three days and since my monthly cycle was always on the dot, I got a pregnancy kit (we always kept one around) and took the test, it was in the middle of the night and Hubby was already sleeping. The moment I saw those two pink lines, I knew, but I took another PT and tested again. There it was, two pink lines!!

I must have screamed like a crazy woman, woke up Hubby and practically dragged him out of bed. When he saw the kit, his eyes swelled and all he could say was "How did that happen?!" and I was like, "What do you mean, you knew how it happened?!". We started laughing like we escaped from the loony bin, we couldn't believe we made a human being. Hubby was so happy and nervous at the same time, he thought I would break if I bumped into something. I had to constantly remind him that I was just pregnant and pregnancy is not an illness. He was very,very supportive and understanding of me and my hormones when I was pregnant up until I gave birth. I guess up until now, ha ha!

He was so excited with the new baby but for some reason, Sofie and Hubby did not do well with diaper changing. My kid would always cry and even poop sometimes, while Daddy is changing her diapers but of course she always played nice with mommy. One time my husband felt so bad, he told my kid, "May favoritism ka!", it was my time to be supportive and help him, especially with the smell. 

Although he is not the best baby sitter, he tries really hard. Of course, he is not as good as me, but he tries. One time I left them alone, Hubby insisted that I go out for some "me time", since I was starting to go nuts again. An hour passed and he was already texting me that the baby was crying and that he checked for poop, hunger, fever, everything but nothing worked. I told him I was going home, when I got there I found the baby sleeping on the sofa and my Hubby looked simply haggard and just watching her. I asked him what he did and he said, he placed the baby on the sofa and sternly told her " You always want me to carry you, what if I asked you to carry me?!". Sofie seemed to understand Hubby's difficulty, he said and my 2 month old stopped crying and fell asleep. 

I don't know what it is about the two of them but they seem to have their own lingo, Hubby has his own style of "talking" to Sofie and it works, they are the best buds and Sofie loves him like crazy. 

The two crazies dancing to their own beat.

A bit late but still . . . written for mommy moments

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

When I shifted from being a Working Mom to a Work-At-Home-Mom or WHAM, blogging has become my go to thing. It was the one place I could go to for my much needed "Me Time", a place to think, scream and shout! A virtual "Room of Ones Own" if you will. It is also a place where I have met wonderful women who in their own unique ways amuse and inspire me with their own stories.

I was very thankful to receive awards from two very cool mom bloggers, Spanish Pinay and Chris of MomJourney.  I know I owe some blog awards to some fantastic bloggers too and this has been long overdue.

Let's get the ball rolling with 7 things about me:

Tried to resist . . . Epic Fail!
1.     I am a recovering shoe addict.My husband will disagree with this but it's been a month since my last shoe emergency. It was a NineWest open-toed bootie marked down from 6K to 2K. It's reasonable, right?

2.     I am spiritual, I believe in God, the Devil and heaven but I am not religious.I have nothing against religion, or people practicing their faith. I just don't appreciate it when someone tries to over-evangelize and use religion as a means of seeking donations.It becomes a case of me wanting to shoot the messenger. 

3.     I still blush when given flowers. 

4.  I am a closet poet. I rarely ever share my poetry, ever!

5.   I clap my hands when I eat something really delicious.A thing I only learned about myself last year when a friend pointed it out and even tried to count how many times I did it.  

6.     I love DIY projects. I believe almost anything sold at stores can be made at home like jams, pillow cases and sometimes even furniture. I love DIY so much I color my own hair and even cut it sometimes. My husband has been witness to some WEIRD-hair-days and is kind enough not to say anything that can hurt my feelings. He lets me repaint and refurbish furniture but sets his foot down at me repainting the house, I wonder why?!

I wish my kid was old enough so I can have 
an excuse to watch 2nE1's concert. Haist!
   7. I love KPOP, yes I am a 30 something ajumma who has succumbed to the Hallyu wave. My favorites are 2NE1 (on repeat in my iPod), Younha, Taeyang and IU. I have to make clear though that I loved Korean music, dramas and food even before they became a fad. I taught ESL to Koreans in college and music and food were the things that bridged the language barrier between me and my students. I had to teach 4 Korean grade-schoolers once, they had zero English and zero interest until I asked them to translate a KPOP song by G.O.D into English. Worked like magic!



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