This Job Has the Greatest Perks!

When I decided to quit my career and be a work-at-home mommy, I took a big leap and met a lot of apprehensions both from myself and other people. Some think that staying-at-home is a death sentence, that I could die of boredom, some may have even thought that giving up my job was a crazy cop out.  And there I was only thinking about my shoes and how I don't have anywhere to wear them anymore, I can't very well play tag with my kid in 3-inch stilettos. Only Victoria Beckham does that and live to tell about it.

Whatever the misconceptions are about stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms, I really do not care about it anymore. Yes, I am not paid by the hour and yes, I traded my nice spacious cubicle for a laptop and computer table laden with my kids toys (sometimes even my kid) but this job has the greatest perks. 
  • I do not have overtime pay, but I have time to be a mom and a wife. 
  • I do not have an octel, but I get to be there to kiss away every booboo 
  • I do not have a fancy Makati office address or a fancy title, but somehow potty training triumphs seem far more important.   
  • I am not paid in money but in kisses and warm words of  I love you. 
  • At the end of the day, nothing beats "Oh Mommy, you're a queen" from my kid and "Thanks, lab" from hubby. 
  My Mother's Day Perks

Chillin' at Subic Bay 
Zoobic Safari Adventure with my family
Trying my hand at baking
A cupcake monster who eats everything!

mommy moments


  1. aaawwww..what a sweet post!!The second pic is priceless!!

    Thanks for dropping by and nice to meet you here at MM!^_^

  2. Nice photos! Did you bake those delicious-looking cupcakes? Look so yummy. No wonder your daughter liked 'em...Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. :)

  3. being a mom is the best job ever coz the salary is priceless...

    mine is up - your comment is a big help :) thanks in advance

  4. I love your post sis! Cheers to Moms who courageously gave up an 8hr job just to be with the kids! Cheers! I'm a SAHM for 3 months now and have heard a lot of negative reactions but I care less about those words.
    Please check out my MM too.
    BTW, I'd like to invite you to join us every Saturday at Messy Go Round. See you around. Thanks and happy weekend!

  5. Nothing beats the joys of motherhood! :) cheerio!

  6. Love that shot with the sunset, so beautiful!

    Mother's Day 2011, have a safe weekend!

  7. Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom is the most rewarding career of all! You get to experience so many amazing moments with yur children.

    Visiting you through Mommy Moments. Check out my entry at The Tottering Mama

  8. being a mother is indeed the most rewarding 'job' of all..

    MY ENTRY is up!

  9. You finally found your calling, and that is to be a mom. Belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope you can visit my entry, too. Thanks!

  10. great post and very've said it well! belated happy mothers late and visiting from Mommy Moments! have a great week ahead. :)

  11. bravo! :D i am glad that you are enjoying motherhood and being a stay at home mom :)


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