Writer's Workshop: 24 Hours

Mama Kat is asking what I would do twenty four hours if I could stop time. That is just teasing, isn't it. I have a toddler and I'm sure any mother would know how precious 24 hours at your own disposal could be. I am sure that at one point, when your kid is running across the floor leaving poop marks on the floor,  you would wish you could stop time so you could clean it before she gets to the sofa!

If  I could stop time for 24 hours, and I'm assured that my family is clean, well-fed and safe from harm, I would check in a nice hotel, ALONE, order tea and cookies from room service, prop some pillows, lie on the bed and watch TV. The only thing that would be moving is my thumb, so I can channel surf and mobile tweet. Occasionally, I may lift an arm, to pick up the cookies and drink tea. When I get tired of that (LOL) I'd take a really nice warm lavender scented bath, ALONE! People don't know but when you become a mom, your really expected to not have "alone" bathroom time anymore. When I'm all wrinkly, I'd crawl back into bed and continue channel surfing. Just imagining it is enough to calm me, sigh!

Twenty four hours to stop time and do what ever? Really sounds delicious, twenty.four.unadulterated.hours! That's a treat! 

Chime in!

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  1. 24 hours all to myself woud be HEAVEN!! Oh, to dream...


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