Writer's Workshop: Paper Boats

In all my 30 years I have met good friends, some I am able to keep until now. Some, lost through time and relocation. I miss certain people and the kind of friend they were to me, I  also miss the kind of friend I was.

I'm a closet poet, I wrote this in my other blog shortly after graduating college.

the rhythm of the rain sings a sad lullaby,
on nights like these the wind brings
memories of the past back when we were children,
bathing naked, shamelessly parading in the pouring rain
running after paper boats we let float
on the flooded canals where we dip our feet,
the smell of the earth and rat piss emanating from its belly.
words were inconsequential
heaven's tears were drowned by our laughter
now we are no longer children
laughter drowns our tears
there are no more paper boats only flooded canals
and the stillness in the air.

for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Very nice. And very impressive. Visiting from WW

  2. Wonderful post!! Thoughts beautifully expressed in words.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Sad when you realize that some times will never come back.

  4. Your poem was like walking down memory lane to the time when you realise you're no longer a child and you have to leave that part of your life behind. Beautiful x

  5. To all you wonderful ladies, thank you for all your great comments, you all make me want to go out of my poetry closet ;-)

  6. Wonderful evocative poem. Just beautiful.

  7. Hi there! Following from Bloggy Moms and would love a follow back! :D

    Thank you!
    ~ Kristina


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