Writer's Workshop: Mommy Wants a Time Out

It's late and I've been mulling over what prompt to choose for MamaKat's this week. Here are my options:

1.) If you could do it over again…
-I believe that things happen for a reason so I don't really have anything in life that I want to do over. I love my mistakes, love them!

2.) If you were put in “time out”, where would you want to be placed and why? 
This one I think I need! Have to be baaaaaaaaddddddddddd real faaaaaaaassssssssttttttt!

3.) Steppin' outside the box (describe a time when you went way out of your comfort zone)-Yeah, done that too too too many times!

4.) A long drive…-when I was four, Mom & Dad and I would go out of town on weekends to look at real estate properties, Mom was a broker. (Work/family bonding time! Yay!) I loved going on those long drives, singing in the car and just looking up as the leaves form a green cloud.

5.) Describe the first date you went on in a boy’s car.-My kid is going to read this someday, so NO not gonna happen!

These prompts got me thinking, I never really got a time-out when I was little. I'm not kidding, no time out what-so-ever ever! I got acquainted with my mom's tsinelas (slippers) once when I was four, but that's it. I was a really good kid up until I wasn't anymore, by that time I was too old for a time-out! My sister would disagree but she needs to do that in her.own.blog. that I painstakingly.designed.for.her! Thank you very much!

Going back to my time out, if I was really nasty and had to be put in a time-out here's a few places I'd like to be.

A secluded and serene spot where I could "reflect" on my actions with maybe say, a bottle of wine?

This is uncomfortable and hot but something I've been wanting to try. 
Be punished and earn a buck or two, why not?!

Let's say I got really crazy and had to be placed in a padded room, I'd want to be with this girl! She cute, she's sassy, she's lovely and she's my new baby niece! Yay, Izzie!

What I really need is a "vacation alone". Say it with me mommies "vacation alone"!


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  1. A vacation all by myself?! Dare I even dream about it? It sounds too good to be true :)

  2. @Natalie - I wanted to do one last year for my birthday, the universe did not agree and sent a tropical storm my way. Tsk tsk tsk!


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