Hubby's Sumo Bento Box

I got a little Bento-crazy this morning and decided to go all out on making hubby's lunch. The result - a sumo-sized bento box. Cooking while hungry, a bad idea!

What exactly is a bento ? It's simply a Japanese lunch-box filled with rice, meat and veggies. It can be as simple as just packing the food like what I did in the picture or it can be as intricate as a kyaraben or a "character bento" made to look like anime characters. Another style oekakiben or a "picture bento" can be made to look  like virtually anything or anyone. You can see this done in Japanese or Korean drama where the girl prepares a bento box resembling the boys face. Cheesy, but it works! Here's a guy you may recognize if your a BOF fan.

A bento box is actually quite popular in different countries. Here in the Philippines we call it baon, in Korea its called Dosirak, in Taiwan it's biandang, in India it's tiffin, in my kitchen it's love in a box. (Mushy! Ick! Ick!)

You want to know what's in hubby's bento box? Click on the links below.


Sumo Mommy


  1. sobrang cheesy naman nito (aw!)
    sarap pa tignan.. hihihi and for sure kainin din ^.^

    Wednesday visit Ate Jho

  2. I was able to try this one out, courtesy of Boss Mark. Sa sobrang sarap,nakalimutan naming magcomment at hugasan ung lunch box ni Boss. Hehe. Sa uulitin po ulit! :)

  3. One of favorite set of food na dinala ni Mark noon pa nalimutan naming mag comment. sobrang sarap nito :) Thanks ulit Jhoana and Happy birthday to you! :)

  4. Oo sa sobrang sarap, nakalimutan ko pangalan ko.

  5. @mga tunay na programmer - salamat sa greeting at pag tangkilik sa mga luto ko, sana magtrabaho na kayo at pauwiin ng maaga ang asawa ko. ;-)next week nalang uli yung maki, after grocery ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday, Akala ko may food na dala si Mark.. hehe


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