Eastwood Mall's Mom's Purest Love Fair

I  just got back from Eastwood Mall with Sofie and found a bunch of great stuff. We went there to go to Gymboree for a little "P&R" (play&rough-housing) when we happened on a baby and mommy fair, Mom's Purest Love. No events were being held when we got there. Naturally Sofie made an event for herself, going from stall to stall pointing and naming objects. I made use of this opportunity and browsed around myself. Here are some of my favorite picks and their links!

Babyland - I love babyland! It's one of my favorite baby stores. You can snag the best bargains of high quality baby products here. They carry brands like Carter's and Chicco, they also carry a variety of lovely products for your baby's layette.They have nice cotton shirts going for Php75 to Php120 and they last forever! I even bought a pair of pants with adjustable waist band for Php175 that Sofie can wear well into her hopefully not-so-terrible-threes.

Kiddietunes  - This is a new idea not so common in the market, they actually put your kid's name in a song or video! Now who wouldn't want that! They have a nice selection of kiddie songs and videos that you can choose from. It's a bit pricey for Php850 per audio CD and Php1200 per video DVD, but it's great to give or get as a gift!(Hint! Hint! Ninongs and Ninangs)

Flashback: Remember that Umbrella song by Rihanna? My niece Ella actually thought that was "HER" song, I'm not gonna' argue with that!

Embodyment Organic Essentials - If your addicted to organic body products like me, you'll love them! Think "skin food" they have a wide range of body products with "flavors" like Succulent Watermelon & Honeydew and Carrot and Pineapple Blush.They have all-natural products often made with seasonal fruits. I got the Choco Vanilla Swirl Mood Elevating soap(Php75) and Caffeine Mint Fix Invigorating Balm(Php100). I have to say, it makes you smell good enough to eat! (wink! wink!) 

BabyCake - they have a great collection of diaper cakes, towel cakes, underwear roses and other baby shower favors. Just looking at them makes me want to get pregnant again so I can get them for my baby shower. . . or should I say the baby can get them for its shower. They are super super cute and they're offering a 10% discount if you order on or before August 8.

I saved my "bestest" & cutest pick for last!

Tot Couture - the cuteness factor of this store borders on the obscene! Seeing them just brings out the shoe fiend in me.Think red carpet baby shoes! They have itty-bitty baby shoes to match mommy's adorable and comfy ballet flats. It's really affordable too with prices starting at Php299 a pair. I would have bought ten pairs if Sofie was a little smaller. They only have sizes for 0 to 12 months and Sofie is a toddler with Godzilla-sized feet. Best of all this is a mommy-made product! I love,love,love it! I borrowed some of the pictures from their multiply site cause it makes me giddy just looking at them.

Note: I'm not getting paid to make these reviews but a freebie or two would be nice! LOL!


Shopaholic Mommy


  1. Hey! Thanks for your thoughts on KiddieTunes =) You forgot to mention, it's so worth the money when you and your child get to enjoy it for years! We buy clothes that will give joy only for three - six months, but our cds and dvds are cherished for a minimum of years because it's personalized. =)

    By the way, in the USA it sells for US$19.95 + tax (that's PhP1000+tax per CD) and US$29.95 + tax (PhP1,500+tax per DVD) So you're getting it at a really good price here =)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! You just made my birthday! More Power to your blog! - Maiia, Tot Couture

  3. ms jho, i super adore the designs of tot couture, i don't have a kiddo but they are just so cute i'd like to buy for my inaanaks... how i wish they also make big sizes for us :o)


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