Weekend Socks!

"To the world you might just be a sock, but to a girl you might just be the world"
Hubby and I had a dumpling obsession over the weekend, apparently we weren't the only ones with an obsession. We went to a cousins birthday party where Sofie had on a pair of rainbow colored socks. When we got home Saturday afternoon, she refused to take them off. When she did, she wore them on her hands until bed time.

And the next morning. . .

She even let it order for her at the Chinese place.

I tried to talk some sense into her but she ignored me . . . over a SOCK and I'm her MOTHER!

She even shared her noodles with it! I'm so burying that SOCK!

Hubby finally distracted her, bribed her with some crayons and a coloring book.  

She wasn't too happy.

I wonder if she'll ever get obsessed with picking up her toys? Hhmmmm. . .


  1. haha, te jho Kulet naman ni sofie ^.^ haha... parang naremember ko nong childhood days ko.. ganyan din ang ginagawa ko sa socks.. hihi pero hindi naman na umabot sa resto...

    Regards to all

    Happy Monday ^.^

  2. @ne - sabi ko na nga ba! It runs in the family ;-)

  3. ang cute cute nmn ni sofie! at super laki na since d last time we saw her nun halloween party... god bless ms jho! i'm sure sofie is having so much fun dhl ikw ang mommy nya :)

  4. Hahaha I like Sofie! Idol na nako sya. Remember last time when we agreed to wear our Sablay for 24hrs beginning on the graduation day? mao na ni ang katapat niya Jho! :-)

  5. @ronski - Sweet mo! Luv it!
    @Laling - I guess I found my match na talaga!

  6. Prettiness ka witchy Momma..
    I hope to see you guys soon..

  7. This is adorable! I can almost see why, since it's a very pretty, cool-looking sock... but still, a sock? Could be worse, I guess! Though Roxie loves her binkie, the stranger thing is that she and Eden both are obsessed with spoons! Not just any spoons, but my little decorative tea spoons from the Netherlands. They could play with them all day long, and Eden crawls around with one sticking out of her mouth.

    Thank you for following back and posting my button! I'm going to go ahead and grab yours! :D


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