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Okay, so I got to read Mama Kat's writing assignment a little late this week. The tropical storm that hit the country last Tuesday, paralyzed everything that ran on electricity. Good thing my lappie still had a few hours left, but since I had no idea when power will be back up I tried to conserve as much battery life as possible.

Wednesday morning, I went online to check the news and what do you know, the local online channel is not updated. The weather bureau's website is not updated and the electric company's website is not updated. Seriously. So, where else could I turn to find out what is going on? Facebook.

I was going on hyperspeed, browsing and commenting on news feeds from people I know. I realized in a world that is put at a stand still, Facebook remains my constant friend.

So going back to my writing assignment, I have to write a funny or awkward story that unfolded on Facebook. Oh the things I could write . . . Let's keep this friendly, shall we. I'll just write about stuff that you can find out through Facebook.

Relationship Status - you get to find out who's married, in a relationship or who just broke up with who. Break ups are really much more interesting than anything else. You then get to spy on their pages and deduce the gory details of the failed relationship without revealing your true nature as a nosy person.

Latest Showbiz News - Bless these people with opinions and those who actually take time to watch showbiz news. You get to read posts and links to the juiciest details and boo boos of your favorite stars. I found out who Justin Bieber was through Facebook. No! I don't live under a rock, I just happen to have a toddler who watches nothing but Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney.

Shopping - it can be annoying to a point but sometimes you get to see good deals on clothes,baby stuff, etc. You also get to find out which stores are on sale and a few good palces to dine.

What's up with everyone - sometimes people just can't contain what they're thinking and Facebook shout outs is just the way to go. You get to find out who's dating, pregnant, fighting, having an affair,who's ditching work to play Farmville, etc. You get to find out where everyone is and sometimes be surprised that you know these many people.

So, that's it! I'm removing my local news channel from my bookmarks and switching to Facebook and Twitter for my daily dose of current events.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. hihi, all true facts abour FB...and oh!! one more, you'll able to know whos blogging or not and so on...

    >> Kamusta naman ang basyang te jhoa? nag pa cute po ba ng husto sa bahay nyo?

  2. So true! When anything happens, earthquake, celebrity/sports news, etc. I always check out FB (and Twitter) to see what's happening. Social media is FAR faster than your local news!
    Popping in from Mama Kat's!


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