Gone To the HTML Cuckoo's Nest

To all my fabulous readers! Yeah, you there. . . in the pink shirt. . . . anyone. . . really!

Well, I've been changing the face of my blog for a couple of days now. I've literally driven myself mad trying to change the fonts and the background and going all HTMLy. I've even coerced my hubby (he's a programmer) into trying to help me.

I now have realized that my Communication Arts brain is not so easy to rewire into a HTML Goddess brain! I'm not giving up, still hell bent on understanding the "code" or whatever is the right term for it. I'm just resting.

Luckily I found these two sites that I now adore and love. . . and adore . . . .and love . . . . It's 4:30 AM, geez! You get it though, right?! They have FREE, amazing fonts and designs with easy to follow tutorials, if only I'm  not drowsy with sleep I'll be in blog-heaven. I have to get some Zzzzz's before everyone wakes up!

Click on the buttons to find out what I'm talking about and make your blog the cutest in all of Blogoshpere!

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Night-Owl Mommy


  1. ow!!! am not into HTML din ate jho ^.^ hate ko talaga yan.. kaya ang blog ko eh nabubuhay lang sa design na free. hihihi

    >> Nice ng font mo te jho.. type ko sya ^.^


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