First Boy Interaction

While we were out ordering lunch with a friend, Sofie, my toddler was eyeing two 2 college boys. On the way to our table she stopped and sat on  their table, said hi and sang while I was holding a tray of food and a heavy bag! All I could think of saying was "Please watch her but don't take her away" so I could put the food down and reclaim my daughter. As soon as I said it I knew I sounded nuts. She was meeting college boys and good looking ones at that! My friend marveled that she knew how to pick them right at an early age!

It was a funny experience but one tainted with anxiety on my part. As mom's we are always wary of the thought that our kids will one day find a partner and leave us. And here was my 2 year old meeting college boys!

I just realized how much more difficult it is to raise a little girl. I could just imagine how we will take it once she starts dating and having her own world. I want her to be a happy well-rounded kid, but I also want to keep her to myself a little while longer. 

Well, at least I have a few more years to practice my birds and bees speech.

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  2. hahaha!!!hay naku!at least on the brighter side,marunong syang mamili..hehehe--cheZ


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