Confessions of a Korean Drama Junkie

Having been a corporate drone for the best part of the last decade, I did not get as much TV time as I wanted (Whine!). Now, being a recent stay-at-home-mom coping with bouts of boredom, I turned to Korean drama. As if baking muffins isn't bad enough,  I have to get addicted to romantic Korean drama!

What exactly is a Korean Drama? It's like drama but it's Korean. Seriously, just check the wiki.
Now here's my take on what makes true blue romantic Korean Drama.

Filthy Rich Nice Guy
This guy has GQ written all over him. Usually brought up in a strict environment, he is too clean, too smart, too emotionally incapacitated until he meets Poor Hardworking Girl. His world is then turned upside down, he changes his hair and becomes an expert in shopping for women's clothes. To give to HER, not to wear!

Poor Hardworking Girl

Usually a spunky, kind-hearted, strong and cute, not too gorgeous, just cute. Despite her ability to chow down huge bowls of noodles she still manages to stay  fit and pimple free. She also never seems to be without a cellphone, she can be homeless and still have the latest handy phone she never seems to pay for. She often acts as the head of the family and does not entertain love until she meets Filthy Rich Nice Guy.

Love Quadrouple

Why a quadrouple? Because somehow a triangle isn't confusing enough.

Grumpy Scary Old Chairman

Where else would Filthy Rich Nice Guy get his wealth? This could be a parent or a grandparent who owns a company of some sort. He/She is an authority figure and sometimes could be mean or just plain scary but in the end love wins and he blesses the couple so they could live happily ever after.


Food is really big in Korean culture, for example there's over 100 kinds of Kimchi (pickled vegetable dish) and they even have a museum for it. Love for food is always present in a Korean drama, it makes me so hungry sometimes I grab my own bowl of  Nongshim while watching an episode.

Soju and Videoke

There must be a videoke scene, a must! As for the soju, never has a drunken girl or guy look so cute than in a Korean drama. During a drunken moment someone professes love that ends up in someone (usually, the guy) giving the drunken party a piggy back ride on the way home. It's sweet really, the most I got in real life is a cab ride ;-)

A Tragedy

There's always tragedy. Amnesia, paralysis, death (a hospital scene is another must), star-crossed , you name it they got it. One example would be where a Guy A, killed himself so his eyes could be donated to Girl B. She then lives a happy life with Guy C, but not for long. She will still die in the end from an incurable disease with the sea as their only witness. Sigh!

Airport Scene

People are always coming or going from place to place and no one ever seems to find who they are looking for, except that one smart guy who used the paging system. 

Despite the cliche though, people still get addicted and wait for the next episode. Why? Don't ask me, I'm addicted, remember?! Check out some of the best Korean Drama I've seen so far.


  1. I have to confess that I have never seen a Korean Drama. However, my interest is now piqued. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I've never sat down to watch a Korean drama. I'm afraid I won't have the attention span to watch an episode. But because of your post, I think I may give it a try :)


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